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Product: burner block

Category: Special refractory

Application: High-temperature gas fired industrial kilns

Material: Fused and sintered refractories upon requests

Manufacturing: Based on drawings provided by customers

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AGRM burner Blocks

Burner block, a vital part of burners in gas-fired industrial kilns, is a precast refractory product with various shapes and materials. It is a kind of special refractory that needs customization services to match different burners in shapes and sizes. AGRM has years of experience in making burner blocks that fit demanding applications according to the requirements of customers. The customized burner blocks are designed and manufactured based on the condition of the burners in industrial kilns. All finished burner blocks have suitable refractoriness and are durable with excellent properties such as high-temperature resistance, erosion resistance, thermal shock resistance, rapid cooling and heat resistance, etc.


All oxygen-burning kilns, air combustion supporting kilns, material channels, melting pools, glass, metallurgy, cement, waste Incineration kilns, and other kilns.


The materials include 1681 #, 1195 #, chrome corundum, sintered zirconium mullite, sillimanite, clay, and other types.

manufacturing method

Machine molding and casting methods are optional. Many clients prefer to choose precast burner blocks because of the cost of the machine-formed ones are more expensive.

Advantages of the burner block refractory

It is not limited by the shape of the part used and can be made of special shape of refractory materials.

 The material selection is carried out in strict accordance with the standard requirements, and the service cycle of the finished product is long.

Convenient construction and quick installation.

It is not limited by ambient temperature and can be installed at any time.

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Get to Know Burner blocks

What is a burner block?

Burner block is an essential component in all gas-fired industrial kilns that are equipped with burners. It can support and protect the burner. What’s more, its internal structure will have a direct impact on the flame shape and combustion results. Owing to the refractory property of high-temperature resistance, the burner block makes the gas and combustion air fully contact and mix, and form a sufficient and efficient combustion effect.

the function of burner blocks

On the one hand, it can organize the combustion process of the fuel and ensure that the fuel is completely burned in the burner block. On the other hand, when the combustion process stops, the burner block can recover the flue gas and avoid the leakage of the flue gas.

1. Heat the fuel in the burner block to the ignition temperature to make it easy to ignite and burn quickly.

2. Maintain a certain high temperature in the burner block to stabilize the combustion process and avoid pulsation or combustion interruptions.

3. Organize the flame shape to meet the requirements of the heating process.

4. Further combine fuel and air to improve the combustion efficiency.

role of custom burner blocks

design of burner blocks

The design of burner blocks should cooperate with the burning industrial kilns. When designing a new burner block, some aspects need to pay attention to.

1. The dimension and shape should be adapted to the flow of the mixed gas or the atomized Angle of the fuel injection. If the angle of the burner block is too small, it will cause damage by the erosion of the air flow. For the oil nozzle, it will also cause the oil mist to spray on the burner block to form carbon accumulation and narrow or even block the channel. If the Angle is too large, the ignition is difficult and the burning is simply unstable.

2. The refractoriness of the burner block should be appropriate. The burner block heats up very quickly When the burner is lit, so it is necessary to use a material with good resistance to acute cooling and acute heating.

3. To facilitate manufacturing, construction, and replacement, the weight of each burner brick should not be too large, and too large burner block can be divided into 2 or 4 pieces.

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Material and manufacturing method of the burner blocks

Before production, first understand the working conditions of the burner blocks, such as combustion temperature, physical requirements, temperature changes, etc. After understanding these conditions, you can better choose the material and molding method of the burner blocks.

Three types of materials are generally used, silicon carbide burner blocks and mullite burner blocks with better thermal shock resistance, corundum burner blocks with relatively high combustion environment temperature, and chrome corundum burner blocks that are severely corroded by chemical atmosphere.

The molding method can be precast using refractory castables of different materials, or it can be produced through machine molding. However, machine molding needs to consider the size of the burner block.

Types of burner blocks based on flames

Generally, burner blocks are divided into three types according to the shape of the flame: long flame, flat flame, and short flame.

The long flame burner blocks

The long flame burner has a relatively long flame. This type of burner is mostly used for combustion in rotary kilns and roller drying kilns.

Flat flame burner blocks

The main feature is that the burner outlet adopts a trumpet-shaped burner block, which makes the flame form a wall-adherent disc-shaped flame with a thickness of 100-2000mm and a diameter of 600-2000mm. This special temperature field, heat flow field, and pressure field are conducive to rapid heating of the workpiece, preventing oxidation, and saving energy. Therefore, flat flame burners are mainly used in industrial furnaces where the heated workpiece cannot come into contact with the open flame.

Short flame burner blocks

 The flame is relatively short, like the premixed type, it has a relatively short flame.

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