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AGRM provides a complete solution for industrial kilns including kiln & furnace design, engineering, custom refractory material products, oxy-fuel combustion systems, exhaust gas treatment, and utilization. The project is carried out after feasibility analysis, technical communications, proposal, and planning.

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industrial refractory service

Turnkey Service 1


Provide design plan and project process

Provide civil engineering, factory building design conditions, and process layout.

Drawings and lists of refractory materials, steel structures (steel shells), feeding systems, electrical, kiln cooling air, environmental protection processes, and kiln-related equipment, and purchase standards for major equipment and materials.

refractory product and solution service

Turnkey Service 2


We can provide all or part of the refractory materials required for the kiln as needed, and provide professional suggestions on the performance of the refractory materials used in the kiln.

Our equipment manufacturing factory customizes industrial furnace peripheral equipment for customers, including control systems, combustion valve groups, burner gun components, etc.

According to the customer’s local environmental regulations and requirements, exhaust gas treatment technology and equipment can be provided, including dust removal, desulfurization, desulfurization, and waste heat utilization systems.

engineering service for kiln and furace

Turnkey Service 3


Provide customers with kiln body installation, refractory material masonry, kiln heating, and on-site technical guidance, and provide general package or technical guidance for the installation and commissioning of related equipment.

The company has a technical team covering thermal engineering, kiln, metallurgy, inorganic materials, water, and electrical engineers. We have accumulated rich experience through the installation and debugging of more than 70 kiln engineering projects. We can provide solutions for common industrial kilns such as general contracting for construction, or technical guidance and services for the process.

For kilns designed by other companies, we can also provide one-stop services including masonry, kiln baking, feeding, commissioning, and project acceptance to ensure your satisfaction.

We offer customer personnel operational training, safety training, and process training for kilns and related equipment. We also assist customers in writing relevant technical documents.

attentive after-sale service

Turnkey Service 4

After-sale service

Track the operation of the kiln, provide countermeasures to kiln problems, and help the factory adjust and optimize the kiln process.

Secondary training for problems that arise during production.

Supply of consumables or parts for line pipe equipment, etc.

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Our Advantages

Rich experience

30 years of experience in providing one-stop service to all types of industrial furnaces and kilns. 70+ successful projects have been completed.

Strong support

The technical support comes from not only our engineers but also our cooperation institutes from China.

Wide range

Comprehensive services and products are supplied to meet the needs of varied scenarios in high-temperature industries.

High flexibility

AGRM can provide tailor-made design and engineering based on rich experience and strong technical support.

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AGRM strives to serve the top grade refractories, furnaces and kilns, related equipment, and the most cost-effective turnkey solutions for masonry, heat protection, heating up, etc. Contact us immediately!
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