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Sintered Corundum Brick

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Product: Sintered Corundum Brick

Category:  sintered Refractories

Application: glass industry, steel, petrochemical, fertilizer, non-ferrous metal, electronics, refractory materials, and other industries.

Item Code:  A2501

What is a sintered Corundum Brick?

Sintered corundum brick refers to a corundum refractory product made from sintered alumina clinker( electrofused white corundum, plate corundum, and superfine powder). The brick has a high melting point, stable performance at high temperatures, good mechanical strength and wear resistance at normal and high temperatures, and strong resistance to metal erosion, oxidation, and reduction.

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Application of corundum brick

The corundum brick is mainly used in glass furnaces. It is also widely used in key parts of kilns in steel, petrochemicals, fertilizer, non-ferrous metals, electronics, refractory materials, and other industries.

Advantages of corundum brick

It has excellent heat resistance, compressive strength, and high-temperature erosion resistance and is highly praised for its zero contamination, especially in areas in contact with glass.

Classification of corundum brick

High-purity corundum brick

BPL products

Sintered corundum brick

Corundum mullite brick

Manufacturing process of sintered corundum brick

The making of sintered corundum brick mainly includes molding and sintering.

First, crush the corundum into 3mm coarse particles and some fine powders less than 0.074mm. Some add a small amount of clay and other binders for mixing.

Second, shape the bricks by pressure molding, pouring molding, or vibration molding. After drying, it is fired at a high temperature.

Generally, the firing temperature of sintered corundum bricks with higher purity is 1750–1800 °C. If a small amount of clay or additives is added, the firing temperature can be 1600–1700 °C.

Chemical & physical indicators of fire clay brick

ItemsHigh Quality and High Purity Corundum BrickBPLSintered Corundum BrickMullite Corundum Brick
SiO20.2 818
Bulk Densityg/cm33.
Apparent Porosity%19181818
Cold Crushing StrengthMpa100100100100
Refractoriness Under Load(0.2MPa,0.6%)1700168017001700

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