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Magnesia Alumina Spinel Bricks

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Product: Magnesia Alumina Spinel Bricks

Category:  sintered Refractories

Application: cement kiln, steel ladles, glass furnace, etc.

Item Code:  A2505

What are Magnesia Alumina Spinel Bricks?

Magnesia alumina spinel brick is a type of refractory brick made of magnesia alumina spinel as the main mineral to improve thermal stability. This refractory product is a good substitute for magnesia-chromium sand made spinel brick that is used in cement rotary kilns, which not only avoids chromium pollution but also has good peeling resistance.

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Application of Magnesia Alumina Spinel Bricks

Magnesia alumina spinel bricks are widely used in the superstructure of glass furnaces, as well as the lining of calcined lime kilns and cement rotary kilns.

Advantages of magnesia alumina spinel bricks

When reacting with clinker during use, it forms a thin protective layer of calcium aluminate on the surface of the brick, so that the liquid is not easy to penetrate. Its anti-spalling performance is better than that of directly combined magnesia chromium bricks.

Good thermal stability

Good erosion resistance

High temperature resistance

Good peeling resistance

Low product pollution

The manufacturing process of spinel bricks

Method One

The magnesia spinel brick is often produced by pressure molding and sintering at high temperatures. The main material is magnesia spinel added with 5% ~ 10% amount of industrial alumina or super alumina clinker. With the additive materials, the spinel bricks are inclined to form a uniform distribution of new phases in the product’s substrate.

Method Two

Another way is to first synthesize magnesium aluminum spinel. The components are then batched to produce bricks. A large critical particle size in the batching process helps to improve the product’s thermal shock resistance. However, it contradicts the product’s density and strength. As a result, the standard size is 3 mm.

The purity of raw materials should be used to determine the combustion temperature of magnesium aluminum products. In particular, the temperature should be 30–50 °C greater than that of magnesium products. Furthermore, the combustion temperature of high-purity magnesium aluminum products is 1750–1800 °C.

Chemical & physical indicators of magnesia spinel bricks

ItemMagnesium Aluminum Spinel Series
1Chemical IndicatorsAl2O312
5Cold crushing strength(MPa)60
6Refractoriness under load ºC T0.6≥1650
7Thermal shock stability (times),900ºC air cooling100

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