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High Alumina Refractory Brick

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Product: high alumina brick

Category:  sintered Refractories

Application: glass furnace, cement Kiln, steel ladles, refractory industry, petrochemical/refinery, mining, metallurgy

Item Code:   A2201/A2202/A2203/A2204

What is high alumina brick?

High alumina brick means a high-alumina refractory brick that contains more than 48 percent alumina by Chinese standards.  Other standards commonly define it as between 50 and 87.5 percent. The alumina refractory bricks are made from bauxite powder, which is sintered with ceramic at high temperatures.

AGRM provides high alumina bricks with low conductivity, high volume stability, high thermal shock resistance, and high abrasion resistance.

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The composition of high alumina brick

The main mineral composition of high alumina brick is mullite, corundum, and glass phase. With the increase of Al2O3 content in the product, the number of mullite and corundum phases also increases, the glass phase is correspondingly reduced, and the refractoriness and high-temperature performance of the product are improved.

Application of high alumina brick

As one of the best refractory bricks, the high alumina refractory brick offers outstanding resistance to high heat and pressure in large-scale industrial furnaces and kilns.

flue, regenerator room, outer wall, and other parts of the glass furnace

ceiling of electric furnaces, blast furnaces, hot blast stoves, converters, shaft furnaces, and reverberatory furnaces in the metallurgical industry

the inner wall of the rotary kiln

High alumina brick properties

Compared with clay refractories, the outstanding advantages of high aluminum refractory bricks are high refractoriness and high load softening temperature, and the slag resistance is significantly improved with the increase in Al2O3 content.


The refractoriness of high aluminum refractoriness fluctuates widely, generally 1770 ~ 2000℃, mainly affected by the Al2O3 content, and increases with the increase of the Al2O3 content in the products. At the same time, the refractoriness is also affected by the content and type of impurities and is related to the mineral phase structure of the product.

Load softening temperature

The initial deformation temperature of high alumina refractory products under load softening is greater than 1400 °C and increases with the increase in Al2O3 content.

Thermal conductivity

High alumina refractory products have higher thermal conductivity than clay products. The reason is that there is less glass with very low thermal conductivity in high aluminum products, and the amount of mullite and corundum crystals with good thermal conductivity increases, which improves the thermal conductivity of products.

Shock resistance

The thermal shock resistance of high alumina refractory products is between clay products and silicon products.850℃ water cooling cycle is only 3 to 5 times. This is mainly because the thermal expansion of corundum is higher than that of mullite, and there is no crystal transformation.

Slag resistance

High alumina refractory products can not only resist the erosion of acid slag but also resist the action of basic slag. However, the anti-alkaline slag ability is not as good as magnesium material but better than clay material and increases with the increase in mullite and corundum content.

High alumina brick price

The price of high alumina bricks is higher than that of clay bricks. AGRM, a professional supplier in China, can greatly save you money on buying high-alumina bricks and other types of refractory materials. Contact us immediately to get the price list for free!

Chemical & physical indicators of high alumina brick

Item CodeA2204A2203A2202A2201
B.D g/cm32.
R.U.L ºC1550151014601420
Linear Change Rate-0.2-0.3-0.4-0.4

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