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fused cast Refractories

electrofused AZS, corundum, mullite, high zirconia, and low exudation bricks

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Sintered refractories

basic bricks, high-alumina bricks, fireclay bricks, and various special bricks

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Fused Cast Refractory Bricks

fused cast azs bricks for sale

Product: Fused Cast AZS Brick 33# 36# 41#

Glass Application: working end, feeder, spout, superstructure, crown, sidewall, refining,

low exudation azs brick

Product:Low-exudation Electrofused Brick

Glass Application: working end, feeder, spout, superstructure, crown

electro fused high zirconium brick supplier

Product: Fused cast high zirconia brick

Glass Application: Throat, weir wall, sidewall, feeder, superstructure

fused cast corundum brick supplier

Product: Fused Cast Corundum Brick α-β

Glass Application: Throat, weir wall, sidewall, feeder, superstructure

fused cast mullite brick manufacturer

Product: Fused Cast Mullite Brick

Application: Metallurgy, steel, waste incineration, glass

Sintered Refractory bricks

magnesia brick for sale

Product: magnesia brick

Application: glass, metallurgy, petrochemical and other industries

silicon carbide brick for sale

Product:  silicon carbide brick

Application:glass industry, metallurgical industry, etc.

corundum brick for sale

Product: corundum brick

Application: glass industry, steel, petrochemical, non-ferrous metal, electronics, etc.

chorome corundum brick for sale

Product: chrome corundum brick

Glass Application: glass(fiberglass), metallurgy, petrochemical and other industries

zirconia brick for sale

Product: zirconia brick

Application: glass industry, waste incinerators, electric furnaces, etc.

magnesia alumina spinel brick for sale

Product: magnesia alumina spinel brick

Application: cement kiln, steel ladles, glass furnace, etc.

high alumina brick for sale

Product: high alumina brick

Application: glass furnace, cement Kiln, steel ladles, refractory industry, petrochemical/refinery, mining, metallurgy

fire clay brick for sale

Product: fire clay bricks

Application: insulating layers and gaskets for glass kilns, other hot furnaces, and high temperature equipment.

Highlights of AGRM Refractory Bricks

A full range of refractory bricks is available. Standard shape and size; special shape and size (drawings required) of fused cast and sintered refractory bricks

Wide applications in glass industry, cement industry, metallurgical industry, petrochemical industry, etc.

In the glass industry, the products provide high resistance against corrosion and erosion by molten glass. Thus, it extends the lifespan of the glass furnaces.

Suitable raw materials are selected for the making of refractory bricks. The materials of refractory bricks are of high purity and quality.

Vast production is possible with mature techniques and advanced machines.

Strict quality inspections are carried out with precision instruments.

Some are in stock, and the new manufacturing period is negotiable. The date of delivery is under control.

Cheap refractory bricks made in China with high quality It only costs 1/2 to 1/3 of the price in developed countries.

Tips for selecting glass furnace refractories

The selection of refractory products for glass furnaces needs to consider several important factors, such as the type of furnace, the glass quality, the longevity of the furnaces, the environmental effects, etc.

Different zones of the glass furnace should be designed and built with refractory bricks with different quality materials to face the specific conditions. For example, the glass contact areas and superstructure are subjected to different wear and tear. The applied refractory material is varied accordingly. Not only shaped refractory is needed, but also unshaped refractory (monolithic) is used too.

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Besides the choice and quality of material, the design and assembly of the furnace refractory bricks also greatly influence the operation of glass furnaces. AGRM has vastly successful EPC projects for high-temperature furnaces and kilns, especially the oxyfuel glass furnaces.

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Shaped Refractories for oxy fuel glass furnaces

Glass furnaces that use oxy-combustion technology emit less waste gas and take away less heat. The combustion is full, and there are no small furnaces or regenerators in the furnace structure, so there is less heat dissipation to the outside, and the energy-saving effect is obvious. It is usually 15~25% more energy-saving than air-assisted combustion.

Please note that refractory products for other combustion types of furnaces are offered as well.

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refractory brick application in oxyfuel glass furnace

Superstructure (melting-end superstructure & crown)

High-grade fused AZS. The exhaust gas of oxygen combustion has a high concentration of alkali vapor and water vapor, and the super needs to be made of high-grade fused AZS or alumina refractory materials.

Fused Cast AZS Brick

Electrofused corundum brick


The upper structure of the doghouse of the oxyfuel glass furnace is subject to erosion by raw material dust, high temperatures, and alkali steam. Fused AZS bricks are stronger than fused alumina refractory bricks in terms of resistance to alkali vapor erosion. Therefore, low-leakage fused AZS bricks (such as low exudation refractory bricks) are selected as refractory materials for the upper structure of the feeding pool area.

low exudation refractory bricks

Heavy-wear superstructure zone

The upper structure of the middle and downstream parts is subject to high temperature and alkali steam (no dust) erosion. In this area, fused alumina (such as alpha-beta alumina) performs better.

Fused Cast Corundum Brick α-β

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