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Magnesia Refractory Mortar

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Product: Magnesia Refractory Mortar

Category:  refractory mortar

Application:  Construction, maintenance, repair, etc. in industrial furnaces

Item Code: A4104

What is magnesia refractory mortar?

Magnesia refractory mortar is a type of monolithic refractory made of Magnesia ore and a certain portion of refractory binders. The manufacturing process includes crushing, grinding, mixing, etc. Magnesia refractory mortar has good refractoriness and stable chemical properties. It is applied to various high-temperature industrial equipment for its construction and repair.

Application of magnesia refractory mortar

The magnesia refractory mortar has wide applications in various industries, such as the metallurgical industry, the building industry, the chemical industry, and the power industry. Smelting furnaces, converters, glass furnaces, cement kilns, etc. all need it for maintenance or repair.

Advantages of magnesia refractory mortar

Good refractoriness

High temperature resistance and chemical corrosion resistance. High melting point and thermal stability.

Good chemical stability

It is not easy to react with common metal oxide, or other substances which makes it stable in the high temperature acid-base corrosive environment and protects the industrial equipment from damage.

Good wear resistance and shock resistance

It has relatively high hardness and stress resistance. Magnesia refractory mortars with suitable ingredients and production methods obtain the ability to resist chemical shock and vibrating breakdown to keep the integrity and stability of the equipment it serves.

Physical And Chemical Indicators of Magnesia Refractory Mortar

ItemTrademark indicators
MgO % ≥8083865075
Cr2O3 %   8-14 
Al2O3 %    4-8
Refractoriness SK >3637373737
Bonding time(min)22222
Particle Size % +0.5mm ≤22222
Particle Size % -0.075mm ≥6565656565
Water capacity %28-3328-3328-3328-3328-33
Bonding strength MPa 110ºC×24h5-205-205-205-205-20
Bonding strength MPa 1400ºC×3h25-4025-4025-4025-4025-40

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