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High Alumina Mortar

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Product:  High Alumina Mortar

Category:  refractory mortar

Application:  refractory brick joint, sealing and repairing for high-temperature furnaces

Item Code: A4102

What is high alumina mortar?

High alumina mortar is a type of refractory mortar used for jointing the refractory bricks in masonry structures. The main components of high alumina mortar are bauxite clinker, binder, and admixture. The finished product is usually in dry bulk, and water is added to the mix when used.

Application of high alumina mortar

High alumina mortar is compatible with high alumina bricks and corundum bricks in the masonry work, which is applied to the refractory brick surface to adjust the size deviation. It can make the firebrick form a tight entirety and prevent the damage of high temperature and external force. When cracks or damage to refractory bricks occur, applying high alumina mortar is a good method of repairing and sealing the damaged part.

It can also be used for the processing and forming of high temperature ovens, anodic insulating coating, and other processes.

Advantages of high alumina mortar

Good Chemical stability

At high temperatures, it does not react chemically with furnace gas and slag and does not produce erosion. It is not easy to flake and powder and can maintain its protective effect for a long time.

Good thermal stability

The strength and corrosion resistance is stable under high temperature, the tendency is low for soft, crack, and peel-off. Its physical property can be kept in the long term.

Low water absorption

Low water absorption at high temperatures, high porosity, good slag resistance, strong erosion resistance, and can maintain its use effect for a long time.

High Volume stability and softening temperature

The volume is stable under high temperatures, the using effect will not be impacted by the heat

Low thermal conductivity

The conductivity is low which can reduce heat loss and thus save production costs.

Physical And Chemical Indicators of fire clay mortar

Refractoriness,ºC ≥17701770179017901790179017901790
Al2O3,% ≥5555656575758585
Cold bending, bonding strength MPa ≥110ºC after drying12121222
after sintering
after sintering
0.2MPa RUL,ºC T2.0 ≥1300140014001650
Linear change %1400ºC×3h
after sintering
+1 ~-5
after sintering
+1 ~-5
Bonding time1~3
Particle size %-1.0 mm100
+0.5mm  ≤2
-0.074mm ≥5040

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