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Fire Clay Mortar

Product:  Fire Clay Mortar

Category:  refractory mortar

Application:  refractory brick joint, sealing and reparing for high temperature furnaces

Item Code: A4101

What is fire clay mortar?

The fire clay mortar is a type of monolithic refractory with ingredients including mixed clay (raw material), waste clay brick powder, and calcined clay (clinker), which makes up roughly 75%–80% of the mortar used in clay refractory, is a crucial ingredient. As a binder, raw clay works to increase the mortar’s flexibility while lowering its rate of breathability and water loss. But raw clay cannot be mixed in too big of a batch; otherwise, it would shatter easily. A 20%–25% batching amount is the recommended amount.

Application of fire clay mortar

Fire clay mortar is mainly used for repairing high-temperature furnaces, ovens, chimneys, stoves, fireplaces and other refractory structures, sealing boundary interfaces, laying refractory bricks, and bonding insulation materials.

Advantages of refractory fire clay mortar

Clay refractory mortar has high temperature resistance and fire resistance. It can still maintain stable performance under high temperature conditions below 1500°C and is not easy to fall off or crack. In addition, refractory clay also has good plasticity and adhesion, so it can be easily molded into various complex shapes and structures.

It has good plasticity and is easy to apply

Low thermal conductivity

Sufficient bond strength to bind the masonry into a solid unit at operating temperatures

Physical And Chemical Indicators of fire clay mortar

Refractoriness,ºC ≥16301690171017301730
AL2O3, % ≥3038424545
Cold flexural bond strength MPa110ºC after drying11112
after sintering
0.2MPa  RUL,ºC T2.0 ≥1200
Linear change rate %1200ºC×3hafter  sintering+1 ~-3
1300ºC×3hafter  sintering+1 ~-5
Bonding time1~3
Particle size %-1.0 mm100
+0.5mm ≤2
-0.074mm ≥50

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