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Silica Insulation Brick

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Product:  Silica Insulation Brick

Category:  insulating brick

Application:  External insulation for glass furnaces and similar parts of the metallurgical industry

Item Code: A3105

What is a silica insulation brick?

Silica insulation brick is a common type of insulating brick made of silica as the main material, with no less than 91% SiO2. In addition to the insulation performance, it maintains the features of normal silica bricks to a large extent. The load softening starting temperature is high, and the volume is slightly expanded during the heating process. Due to these characteristics, the integrity of the kiln is improved.

Application of silica insulation brick

It is mainly used for the external thermal insulation of glass kilns lined with silica material and the thermal insulation of similar parts in the metallurgical industry.

Silica insulation brick is suitable for long-term operating temperatures that do not exceed 1550 °C and an environment that does not directly come into contact with high-temperature melt. Also, it requires no direct corrosive gas impact on industrial furnace liners or heat insulation.

Features of silica insulation brick

It has a high load-softening temperature. The linear expansion rate is higher than that of a common clay insulation material.

Pay attention when using:

It is relatively large.

To protect employees from the harm of silica dust in production and construction, special attention shall be paid to the safety guard.

The manufacturing process of silica insulation brick

The high alumina insulation brick is made from bauxite clinker by adding a small amount of clay through grinding, molding, and sintering at 1300–1500 °C. Sometimes industrial alumina can be used in part instead of high bauxite clinker.

Physical And Chemical Indicators

  SiO2 , %                  ≥91919191
  BD,(g/cm3 )        ≥
  CCS,MPa        ≥
Linear change on reheating,%
0.1MPa RULºC    ≥1400142015001520
Thermal Conductivity W/(m·K) Average Temperature (350±10) ºC  ≤                          0.550.600.650.70
Note: Thermal conductivity is the reference index, but this test must be carried out, and the measured data should be indicated in the quality certificate.

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