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Lightweight Mullite Insulating Brick

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Product: Lightweight Mullite Insulating Brick

Category:  insulating brick

Application:  Lining of shuttle kiln, roller kiln, glass and petrochemical kiln ,etc.

Item Code: A3103

What is mullite insulation brick?

The light refractory material with mullite as the main crystalline phase is called lightweight mullite insulating brick. The refractoriness of mullite light brick can reach more than 1790℃. The load softening starting temperature is 1600-1700℃. Normal temperature pressure resistance is 70-260MPa.

The refractory product has good dimensional uniformity, which minimizes the impact of impurities and structural defects on performance. This insulating material has excellent high-temperature volume stability and thermal shock resistance. It also has the characteristics of high strength, low thermal conductivity, and direct contact with flames.

application of mullite insulation brick

The lightweight mullite insulating brick is widely used as the lining material or insulation layer of high-heat industrial kilns.

BHL hot air furnace: crown

Blast furnace: body and bottom

Glass furnace: regenerator and flue

Lining or Insulating layer of petroleum cracking system

Advantages of mullite insulation brick

Low thermal conductivity and good thermal insulation effect.

Low thermal melt. Due to low thermal conductivity, lightweight mullite insulation bricks accumulate very little heat energy, and the energy-saving effect is obvious in intermittent operation.

Low impurity content. Very low content of alkali metal and other oxides in iron and steel, therefore, high refractoriness; high aluminum content allows it to maintain good performance in reducing atmosphere.

High hot compressive strength.

The appearance dimensions are precise, speeding up the masonry work, reducing the use of refractory mud, and ensuring the strength and stability of the masonry, thereby extending the life of the lining.

It can be processed into special shapes to reduce the number of bricks and joints.

Physical And Chemical Indicators of mullite insulation brick

Fe2O3  ≤
B.D. / (g/cm3 )  ≤0.550.850.951.051.35
C.C.S. /MPa  ≥
Heating Permanent Linear Chance%Test Temperature T/℃1200℃1400℃1510℃1620℃1730℃
Xmin- Xmax0.5 ~ -1
Thermal Conductivity [W/(m·K)]
Average Temperature( 350±25 ) ℃  ≤

The manufacturing process of lightweight mullite brick

Grouting molding, natural curing until mold release, moving and drying into forced dryers, high-temperature sintering, mechanical grinding, and last processing as final products are the usual steps in its production process.

Sintered mullite brick Vs fused cast mullite brick

Main raw material

Sintered mullite brick: high alumina clinker

Fused cast mullite brick: high-alumina bauxite

Binding agent

Sintered mullite brick: clay or raw bauxite, industrial alumina, and refractory clay

Fused cast mullite brick: charcoal or Coke fine particles

Processing method

Sintered mullite brick: molding and sintering

Fused cast mullite brick: electro-fused after molding


The crystals of fused mullite are larger than those of sintered mullite, and their thermal shock resistance is better than that of sintered products. Their high-temperature performance mainly depends on the alumina content and the uniformity of the distribution of the mullite phase and the glass.

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