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Fire Clay Insulating Brick

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Product: Clay insulation brick

Category:  insulating brick

Application:  Glass furnace, heat furnace, high-temperature equipment

Item Code: A3101

What is fire clay insulating brick?

Fire clay insulating brick is a type of lightweight insulating material made from refractory clay, floating beads, and fireclay clinker as the main material. The Al2O3 content of the clay insulation brick is 30% to 48%. The clay insulation brick productivity is large which takes about half of insulating bricks. It can reduce heat loss and improve the heat efficiency for glass furnaces and other high-heat equipment.

application of mullite insulation brick

Clay insulation brick is an optimal choice for thermal insulation layers and liners for glass furnaces, other kinds of heat furnaces, and high-temperature equipment.

Advantages of mullite insulation brick

High cold crushing strength, high-temperature resistance, good thermal stability

Pure raw material with a high content of alumina

Low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation

Precise dimension made by numerical control molding

The manufacturing process of clay insulation brick

Light clay insulation brick is made of floating beads in the blasting stone of a thermal power plant as the main raw material, adding the appropriate amount of binder and selected 100 mesh sieve refractory clay as the main auxiliary materials. The manufacturing process includes mixed extrusion forming and high-temperature calcination.

Physical And Chemical Indicators of mullite insulation brick

  ItemFire Clay Insulating Brick
Al2O3   %≥23
Fe2o3   %≤3
0.1MPa  Refractoriness under load ºC ≥13201300125012001100
B.D. / (g/cm3 )   ≤1.310.80.60.6
C.C.S./MPa    ≥
heating linear chance /%Test Temperature T/ºC1350ºCx 12h1300ºCx 12h1250ºCx12h1200ºCx 12h1200ºCx 12h
min- max-1~0
Thermal Conductivity [W/(m·K)]                           Average Temperature
( 350±25 ) ºC  ≤

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