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Ceramic Fiber Paper

Product: ceramic fiber paper

Category:  ceramic fiber insulation

Application:   steel industry, non-ferrous industry, ceramic, glass, kiln structure, etc.

Item Code: A3205

What is ceramic fiber paper?

Ceramic fiber paper, a high-temperature insulating material, is made of selected aluminum silicate ceramic fiber cotton as the main raw material using a wet molding process. Based on the traditional process, the slag removal and drying processes have been improved. Its characteristics are asbestos-free, uniform fiber distribution, white color, no stratification, few slag balls, flexible adjustment of bulk density according to use, high strength (containing reinforcing fibers), good elasticity, and strong machinability.

Application of ceramic paper

Thermal insulation short circuit

Thermal insulation sealing gasket

Expansion joint

Isolated (sinter-proof) material

Slicing on household thermal devices

Thermal insulation materials in vehicles (muffler and exhaust system, thermal insulation case)

Fire protection

Sealing gasket in molten metal

Advantages of ceramic fiber paper roll

Low thermal conductivity, low thermal capacity,

Good thermal shock resistance

Excellent flexibility and tear resistance


Good corrosion resistance

Excellent electrical insulation and sound insulation performance

Excellent mechanical processing performance and tough texture

Physical And Chemical Indicators of Ceramic Paper

Product Type12601400
Product codeGLGW-236GLGW-436
Heating linear change(%)1000ºC×24h≤-31200ºC×24h≤-3
Organic content(%)≤10≤8
Tensile Strength(≥MPa)0.3
Theoretical Bulk Density(kg/m3)160-220
Moisture content(%)≤1
Regular dimension(mm)10000/20000/30000/40000
Packaging method Plastic bags inside and cartons outside

Note: customized service for requirements with special width and length available

Classification of ceramic papers

According to the use temperature, ceramic fiber paper can be divided into 1260℃ type and 1400℃ type.

According to the use function, it can be divided into ‘B’ type, ‘HB’ type, and ‘H’ type.

‘B’ type ceramic fiber paper is made of standard or high-aluminum bulk spray fibers. After beating, slag removal, and mixing, the fourdrinier is woven into soft and elastic light fiber paper. “B” type ceramic fiber paper has low thermal conductivity and good strength. Due to its uniform structure, it has the same thermal conductivity in all directions and a smooth surface. “B” type ceramic fiber paper is mainly used as high-temperature insulation material.

The fiber raw materials and production process of ‘HB’ ceramic fiber paper are the same as those of ‘B’ ceramic fiber paper, but the types and amounts of binders and additives used are different. “HB” ceramic fiber paper is specially added with flame retardants and smoke inhibitors, which will not produce organic combustion and smoke even when used at low temperatures. ‘HB-type ceramic fiber paper has a uniform surface and a stiff surface, but its softness, elasticity, and tensile strength are slightly lower than ‘B’ type ceramic fiber paper, which is commonly used as insulation and insulation materials.

‘H’ type ceramic fiber paper is the hardest fiber paper. It is made of cotton pulp made of standard ceramic fibers, inert fillers, inorganic binders, and other additives woven through a fourdrinier mesh. Its excellent performance makes ‘H’ ceramic fiber paper an ideal product to replace asbestos cardboard. “H” ceramic fiber paper is easy to process, elastic, and has excellent high-temperature compressive strength. It is an ideal sealing and gasket material.

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