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Ceramic Fiber Cotton

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Product: Ceramic Fiber Cotton

Category:  ceramic fiber insulation

Application:   steel industry, non-ferrous industry, ceramic, glass, kiln structure, etc.

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What is ceramic fiber cotton?

Ceramic fiber cotton is a high-temperature refractory insulating material made from silica and alumina as the main materials by resist furnace melting. It is also known as ceramic fiber bulk or ceramic cotton. It has the characteristics of being lightweight, high strength, oxidation resistance, low thermal conductivity, good softness, corrosion resistance, small heat capacity, and sound insulation.

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Temperature grades of ceramic cotton

Ordinary ceramic fiber cotton, 1100 ºC

Standard ceramic fiber cotton, 1260 ºC

High-pure ceramic fiber cotton, 1260 ºC

High-alumina ceramic fiber cotton, 1360 ºC

Zirconium-containing ceramic cotton at 1430ºC

Application of ceramic fiber bulk

The raw material of fiber paper and vacuum-forming products

The raw material of fiber spray coating

The raw materials of fiber castable and daub materials

Filling material for the wall lining gap of heating device in high-temperature furnace

The raw material of fiber textile products

Thermal insulation of Industrial furnace, boiler lining, and back lining

Thermal insulation of steam engines, gas engines, and other thermal equipment

Flexible thermal insulation material for high-temperature pipes; High-temperature spacers; High-temperature filtration

Thermal insulation of thermal reactors

Fire protection of different kinds of industrial devices, thermal insulation, and fire protection of electrical components

Thermal insulation material of incineration equipment

Raw materials for modules, folding blocks, and veneer blocks

Thermal insulation of Investment casting

Advantages of ceramic fiber bulk

White color, accurate size, easy to cut and install, convenient construction, saving man-hours

It does not contain any binding agent and can be used for a long time in neutral and oxidizing

Low heat capacity, low thermal conductivity, high refractoriness, and high thermal sensitivity

Excellent resistance to wind erosion and mechanical impact

Excellent sound absorption and fire resistance

Automated production, stable density, and performance

Physical And Chemical Indicators of Ceramic Cotton

  Item                      Brand name         Ordinary typeStandard typeHigh pure
High alumina typeZirconium containing
Classification temperature (ºC)11001260126013601430
Working temperature (ºC)<10001050110012601350
ColorWhitePure whitePure whitePure whitePure white
Fiber diameter(µm)Spraying2-32-32-32-32-3
Chemical composition(%)AL2O3444647-4952-5539-40

Manufacturing of ceramic fiber bulk

Ordinary ceramic fiber cotton is made of hard clay clinker as a raw material, melted in a resistance furnace, and produced by spinning into fibers.

High-alumina ceramic fiber wool uses high-purity alumina silica powder synthetic material as a raw material. It is melted in a resistance furnace and produced using the injection fiber-forming process.

A composite of zirconium-containing ceramic fiber cotton, high-purity alumina silica powder, and zircon yarn, it is melted in a resistance furnace and produced using a fiber spinning process.

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