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industrial incinerator for sale at fair price

Industrial incinerator for sale

Application: Industrial solid waste

Structure type: Horizontal type

Size(mm): 900*600*700-3000*1750*1710 (customizable)

Power: 0.44-3.34 (customizable)

Chimney size: 140*6m-620*6m (customizable)

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Industrial waste incinerator Solution

industrial incinerator can burn plastic bag
plastic bag
industrial incinerator can burn woven bag
woven bag
industrial incinerator can burn rubber products
rubber products
industrial incinerator can burn leather products
leather products
industrial incinerator can burn tires
industrial incinerator can burn paint residue
paint residue
industrial incinerator can burn clothing scrap
clothing scrap
industrial incinerator can burn slipper scrap
slipper scrap

An industrial waste incinerator is a kind of incinerator that burns solid waste generated by mechanical engineering, the light industry, etc. It can process typical materials such as chemical waste, waste oil, rubber, plastic, etc. The structure of an industrial incinerator contains a negative pressure storage bin, automatic feeding system, primary combustion chamber, secondary combustion chamber, ignition burner, desulfurization device, tail gas adsorption device, bag dust collector, cold and heat exchanger, fan, automatic discharge system, and automatic control system.

Application of our industrial incinerator

AGRM industrial incinerator is designed to reduce the amount of waste and not harm the environment. To make that happen, a new high-temperature pyrolysis and gasification technology is adopted. Below are some common industrial wastes that can be processed by the industrial incinerator from AGRM. For more information, contact us, please.

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Highlights of AGRM Industrial Incinerator

Easy to operate

The temperature is set and controlled by the automatic control system.

Environmental friendly

Conform to ecological standards, smokeless and odorless.

High-temperature combustion

Adopts 3T+E high-temperature pyrolytic gasification technology. No use of tar oil, safe and pollution-free.

Long Service Life

All of the waste incinerators made by AGRM are robust due to the high-quality material.

advantages of industrial incinerator of AGRM
industrial furnace services at AGRM

One-stop service

Customized capacity

Customized appearance

for specific waste types

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Working principle of Industrial waste incinerator

industrial incinerator working principle

The industrial waste incinerators use high-temperature pyrolysis and gasification technology. This includes primary pyrolysis and gasification, mixed combustion by surrounding wind, secondary incineration, and burnout treatment, the combustible gas is fully decomposed at a high temperature of 850-1200℃ in the secondary combustion chamber.

Combustion and flue gas treatment are two major working flows of the industrial incinerator. In the combustion process, sorted wastes are burnt two times respectively in the primary chamber and secondary chamber to ensure a complete burning. The following process of flue and gas treatment is aimed at reaching the environmental protection emission standards. It mainly consists of instant cooling, dust removal, filtering, and discharging.

Specification of industrial incinerators

ModelEquipment Footprint (㎡)Power (kW)Chimney (mm)Weight (kg)Operating Voltage (V)

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Successful Cases

industrial incinerator applicable for agricutrual production

Industrial waste incinerator for the waste from agricultural production

industrial incinerator applicable for woven bags

Industrial waste incinerator for the woven bags

industrial incineartor for wasts from research and development

Industrial incinerator for the waste from R&D of life health and medical products

How do we ensure the quality of industrial incinerators?

Industrial incinerators provide an efficient and reductive way of waste disposal. It is of great significance in alleviating the problem of waste siege and realizing the recycling of resources. Its operation quality and efficiency are directly related to the overall effect of waste treatment. AGRM is devoted to offering the best solution to guarantee the effect of waste disposal. We take the following measures to ensure that our industrial incinerators perform well.

Control the combustion temperature

By precisely controlling the incineration temperature, the high-temperature waste incinerator ensures that the harmful substances in the waste are thoroughly decomposed. In a suitable high-temperature environment, the organic components in the waste can be rapidly oxidized and converted into harmless gases and a small amount of ash. This process not only reduces the volume of waste but also avoids the secondary pollution of harmful substances.

Flue gas purification system

The industrial incinerator is also equipped with an advanced flue gas purification system to further treat the flue gas generated during the incineration process. Dust removal, desulphurization, denitrification, and other processes effectively remove pollutants such as particulate matter, acid gas, and heavy metals from the flue gas to ensure that the discharged flue gas meets environmental protection standards.

Garbage sorting and pretreatment

Our industrial waste incinerators also pay attention to the classification and pretreatment of waste. Before the waste enters the incinerator, the waste of different natures is separated to improve the incineration efficiency and energy recovery rate through effective classification and pretreatment measures. At the same time, proper drying treatment is carried out for the garbage containing a lot of water. This is to prevent excessive smoke and water vapor during the incineration process.

Pay attention to the operation management

The operation management of waste incinerators is also a key factor in ensuring the quality of waste disposal. Regular equipment inspection, maintenance, and operator training help ensure that the incinerator is in the best operating condition, and improve the stability and reliability of waste disposal.

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