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high purity molybdenum electrode

molybdenum electrode for sale

Product: Molybdenum electrode

Appearance: silver gray metallic luster

Density:  > 9.8g/cm³

Purity: Mo> 99.95%

Size: as per drawings

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Molybdenum Electrode introduction

A molybdenum electrode is a type of electrode with molybdenum as the main component. It is produced through a powder metallurgy process. The molybdenum powder is first pressed, then sintered and forged. The final products contain more than 99.95% molybdenum. The diameter of the molybdenum electrode ranges from 20mm to 152.4mm. The length of a single piece can reach 1500mm.

types of Molybdenum electrodes

Molybdenum electrode rod

 Molybdenum electrode tube

Molybdenum electrode plate

molybdenum rod
Molybdenum electrode rod
molybdenum tube
Molybdenum electrode tube
molybdenum plate
Molybdenum electrode plate

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High-purity Uniform molybdenum electrode


The appearance of molybdenum electrode is usually silver-gray solid with a metallic luster, with a high specific gravity (> 9.8g/cm³), higher melting point, greater hardness, higher thermal conductivity, lower coefficient of thermal expansion, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and good chemical stability.

chemical and physical properties

High-temperature resistance

Molybdenum has a very high melting point, allowing molybdenum electrodes to operate at extremely high temperatures. In the process of glass melting, it is necessary to withstand a high-temperature environment, and molybdenum electrodes can maintain structural stability and high-temperature strength and are not easy to deform or melt.

Oxidation resistance

Molybdenum has good oxidation resistance and shows a low oxidation rate under a high-temperature oxidation environment. This allows the molybdenum electrode to work stably for a long time during the glass melting process, reducing the effect of oxidation on its performance.

Excellent thermal conductivity

Molybdenum has good thermal conductivity and can effectively conduct heat. In the glass melting process, the molybdenum electrode can quickly transfer heat to the glass material, and promote the uniform melting and formation of the glass.

Good corrosion resistance

Molybdenum has high chemical stability and good corrosion resistance to most acidic and alkaline media. In the glass melting process, molybdenum electrodes can resist chemical corrosion in the glass composition and extend the service life of the electrode.

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Wide Application of Molybdenum electrodes

Molybdenum electrode is commonly used in daily glass, optical glass, thermal insulation materials, glass fiber, rare earth industry, and other fields. As a substitute for heavy oil and gas energy, it can effectively reduce the pollution to the environment and improve the glass quality.

All-electric-melting glass furnaces and flame-electric-melting glass furnaces usually use molybdenum electrodes.

Working principle of Molybdenum electrodes

The working principle of molybdenum electrodes is relatively simple. High-purity molybdenum is used as the negative electrode of the battery, oxygen is used as the positive electrode, and an aqueous solution of sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide is used as the electrolyte. When the reaction occurs, oxygen in the air is absorbed by molybdenum, and a chemical reaction occurs during the battery discharge, and molybdenum reacts with oxygen to form molybdenum oxide.

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