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glass furnace refractory segments

Glass furnace refractory Selection

Refractories are the main construction material for glass furnaces. It is essential to the quality of glass and also a decisive factor in energy consumption and production cost. The glass melting technology development highly relies on refractory manufacturing progress and quality improvements.

When selecting the refractory products for a glass furnace, several factors should be taken into consideration such as the structure of the furnace, the applied part of the furnace, the damage mechanism, the type, and color of glass, etc. In the high-temperature operating glass furnace, refractories are under stress from the chemical, mechanical, and thermal dimensions.The applied glass furnace refractory should have good resistance to molten glass and gas erosion. Also, high refractoriness under load and thermal shock stability are present.

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Refractory products for glass furnace

silica bricks for sale

Product: Silica Brick

Application: crown and breast wall

Silica brick is mainly used on crown and breast walls in the glass furnace. Silica bricks for glass furnaces have the following features:

The stable volume under high temperature, no furnace deemed resulted from high temperature fluctuate.

Silica bricks have high refractoriness under load and good creep resistance. The glass furnace can stay in form and keep a stable structure.

No pollution to the glass fluid

Its main material composition SiO2 is the same as the main components of glass, so the erosion at high temperature does not pollute the glass liquid.

resistant to chemical corrosion

The silicon brick of the upper structure is eroded by R2O-containing gas in the glass ingredients, and a smooth metamorphic layer is formed on the surface, which reduces the erosion rate and plays a protective role.

Small volume density

Small volume density can reduce the weight of the furnace body. High-quality silica brick contains 45% cristobalite, 50% squamous quartz,1~2% glass phase,<0.5% melting index (2R2O+Al2O3), and a small amount of residual quartz. The life of the silicon brick arch can reach more than 10 years.

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magnesia brick for sale

Magnesia bricks

In general, the top layer of the regenerator lining uses 98 and 97 grade magnesium bricks; The upper layer uses 96-95 grade magnesium bricks; The middle layer uses directly bonded magnesia-chrome bricks; Low porosity clay bricks are used for the lower layer. The stability and heat transfer effect of cylindrical brick are better than that of bar lattice brick. For example, the specific heat transfer area of barrel brick is 16/m, and the structure of the bar brick code is only 10.4~12.7/m.

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fire clay bricks for sale

fire clay bricks

The load softening temperature is only about 1300℃, and when it is eroded by a large amount of R2O, the load softening temperature should be further reduced to 1050℃, thus limiting its range of use. It should only be used on the lower part of the pool wall or where the bottom temperature is low. Because of its good thermal shock stability, it is used in the lower temperature of the regenerator, the grid brick, the flue, and the feed bowl near the feeding machine on the daily glass tank furnace. Large clay fire bricks are used for laying glass furnace bottoms and tin tanks. The tin tank has high requirements for the quality of refractory materials.

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high alumina brick for sale

High aluminum brick

High aluminum brick has high refractoriness and load softening temperature, and good resistance to glass erosion and thermal shock. In glass furnaces, it is mainly used in regenerator chambers, working pool walls, feeders, and so on. It can be used for high-temperature parts of glass melting furnaces, such as regenerator crowns and superstructure. It can also placed in the feeder and glass liquid contact parts. The ones with suitable porosity and good thermal shock resistance can be used for feeding machine accessories and material channel structure.

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fused cast mullite brick manufacturer

Fused cast mullite bricks

The proportion of glass phase in the brick reaches 25%, which contains many substances with low melting points, so the erosion resistance is worse than other fused cast bricks. However, it is suitable for the application of doghouse where the raw materials enter the furnace glass.

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azs refractory brick supplier

Fused cast AZS brick

Fused cast AZS brick is not only used in the parts with high temperature and serious erosion but also widely used in the superstructure of glass furnaces. The AZS refractory contains three kinds of materials: clinozircon, corundum, and glass phase. Plagiozircon is the most resistant to the erosion of the glass and plays a role in improving the corrosion resistance of refractory materials.

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fused cast corundum brick supplied

Fused cast a-β corundum brick

Fused cast a-β or β-Al2O3 material does not contain a glass phase, and there is no refractory crystal phase, does not have adverse effects on the quality of glass, and has good resistance to the erosion of sodium-calcium glass or alkali vapor below 1350℃. Therefore, a-β-Al2O3 material is widely used in the cooling department. β-Al2O3, the material used in the upper structure of the dust-free part of the cooling section.

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fused cast a croundum brick supplied

Fused cast a corundum brick

Fused cast a–Al2O3 has little glass phase, filling the pores between crystals, has high purity. Because it does not pollute the glass liquid and has good glass erosion resistance and excellent high-temperature wear resistance below 1350℃, it is an ideal refractory material for the refiner part, cooling part, working pool, and other parts of the glass melting furnace.

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Fused cast β corundum brick supplier

Fused cast β corundum brick

Since Al2O3 itself is saturated with sodium above 2000 ° C, it is very stable against alkali vapors at high temperatures. In addition, its thermal shock stability is also the best among fused cast bricks. However, when in contact with SiO2, Na2O in β corundum brick decomposes, and reacts with SiO2, resulting in large volume shrinkage, which has the danger of cracking and causing damage to the brick. Therefore, it is only suitable for the superstructure away from the SiO2-containing flying dust, such as the superstructure of the working pool, the parapet near the combustion port, the small furnace nozzle, and the hanging wall.

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chrome crundum brick supplier

Fused cast chrome corundum brick

Because Cr2O3 will color the glass liquid, it can not be used for colorless transparent glass. At the same time, its foaming index is not ideal, so it is an ideal material for the superstructure of the melter pool. The fused cast chrome corundum brick containing Cr2O3 can be used to build the melter side wall of the colored glass furnace to improve the corrosion resistance.

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As the update of the glass industry, the performance of refractories has to be adaptable accordingly. AGRM is especially proficient at providing optimum products and refractory solutions to meet the challenging demands in glass manufacturing such as higher temperatures, longer campaigns, trending oxy-fuel firing, etc. Whether for flat glass, bottled glass, or other special glasses, AGRM supplies custom complete refractory solutions.

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