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AGRM has a wide range of refractory products for industrial furnaces and kilns, such as glass furnaces, cement kilns, waste incinerators, and electric furnaces. Key products include refractory bricks, insulating materials, monolithics, and special refractories such as burner blocks. AGRM can manufacture special refractories in custom shapes and sizes to meet specific requirements.

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refractory products resists high temperature for industrial furnaces

About us

AGRM is dedicated to offering custom refractory solutions for glass furnaces, especially oxy-fuel glass furnaces. With nearly 30 years of endeavor, AGRM is now an integrated company that not only provides refractory products but also undertakes EPC projects for oxy-fuel furnaces and other types of industrial furnaces.

Business Scope

Refractory product development and sales

Design and technique consulting for oxy-fuel glass furnaces

Related equipment for oxy-fuel glass furnaces

Engineering of industrial furnaces and kilns

Refractory Products

refractory brick supplier

Glass furnace refractory and other types of refractory bricks are for sale. Fused cast series: AZS brick, mullite, corundum brick, high zirconia brick, and α-β alumina bricks. Sintered refractories: magnesia brick, silicon carbide brick, magnesia alumina spinel brick, etc. The refractory bricks can serve multiple industires.

insulating material product

Insulating fire bricks and refractory wool provide excellent thermal insulation and reduce heat loss in industrial kilns, such as glass furnaces. Main products: mullite insulation brick, bubble alumina brick, ceramic fiber board, ceramic cotton, ceramic fiber blanket, ceramic fiber rope, and ceramic fiber paper.

monolithics refractory products supplier

Mortar, castable, and ramming mass suit various applications, including non-ferrous metallurgical, steel, cement, and waste disposal. Hot sale AZS ramming mass and seal materials; α-β ramming mass and seal materials; hot repairs; composite insulating coating. Unshaped refractory is cost effective.

special custom refractory product

Custom refractories for special parts of furnaces and kilns, such as the precast shape of refractory burner blocks. Other types, such as electrode hole bricks, electro-fused AZS plug-in electric couple sleeves, etc., can also be made. Clients only need to provide the drawings. AGRM does the rest of work to supply the wanted products.

Industries we serve

Steel industry

glass industry

Cement Industry

Lime Industry

non-ferrous metal Indsutry

hazardous waste incineration

Engineering Solutions

AGRM has years of experience in supplying EPC projects for industrial furnaces and related equipment.

Glass Furnaces

waste incineration kiln

electric arc furnace

activated carbon furnace

cement rotary kiln

lime kiln

indstrial furnace engineering solution
related equipment and spares for sale

Endless innovation

Why Choose AGRM

30 years of experience

AGRM has rich experience in providing customized, one-stop refractory solutions for industrial kilns and furnaces. All types of furnace refractories, kiln engineering, and related equipment are supplied. We also help with the masonry, heat protection, and heating-up for furnaces.

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rich experience in supplying refractory products

1000 clients

More than 1000 clients from 80+ countries across the world have benefited from our solutions. Our sincere services have won praise from clients. If you need refractory materials, kilns, or related engineering solutions, make AGRM a partner and forward to growth.

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refractory service for clients

40 + EPC Projects

40+ EPC projects for oxy-fuel glass furnaces & other industrial kilns have been successfully finished by AGRM. Strong resource organization ability based on a deep understanding of the needs of customers enables us to do research on customized special refractories and make it happen.

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refractory mansory project for client

professional services

The professional team offers a complete service system, including research, design, sale, construction, maintenance, and technique consulting. A mature and efficient cooperation process makes the working process smooth and timely.

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attentive service for industrial furnace refractory solutions

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AGRM strives to serve the top grade refractories, furnaces and kilns, related equipment, and the most cost-effective turnkey solutions for masonry, heat protection, heating up, etc. Contact us immediately!
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